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Turning heat from your generators exhaust into usable energy

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How it works

A single e-box saves 300,000 l of fuel per year

Diesel gensets convert only 40% of the fuel energy into electricity, the rest is wasted. Triogen’s ORC technology converts the exhaust gas heat into additional power and thereby reduces the fuel consumption of the genset by 5-10%.
Lower your carbon footprint and save fuel:

  • With a capacity of 150kW, a single e-box saves 300,000 liters of fuel per year
  • Ships in two stackable 20 ft shipping containers
  • No interference with genset performance or mining production
  • Machine build on proven components and more than 1,000,000 operating hours
  • Stress tested under instense humidity and ambient heat of more than 50°C
  • Runs without supervision – remotely controlled
  • More than 50 projects up and running

What industry experts say

“Newmont along with one other mining company and several stakeholders selected Triogen as the winner of the 2017 Colorado Mining Cleantech Challenge. The honor signifies Triogen’s high potential to reduce carbon emissions and save money by recycling waste heat to produce power.”

Michael E. Aire, NEWMONT - Director, Energy & Environment Corporate Sustainability & External Relations (S&ER)

“We were very impressed with Triogen at the Colorado Mining Cleantech Challenge and voted them as the winner. Their ingenious yet relatively simple system converts diesel generator waste heat into electricity with the potential to produce fuel savings of 8 percent. Fuel and its transportation is one of the biggest cost areas in mining. This


“As the winner of the Mining CleanTech Challenge, Triogen’s e-box definitely shows to be a reliant technology to an innovative way of fuel saving for the industry.”

Exequiel Rolón Michel, Sustainability Manager, FRESNILLO plc

“2017 has been a progressive year for us: winning the Colorado Mining Cleantech Challenge, securing a reference site as well as getting additional financial backing and trust from within the industry. This third party acknowledgement confirms our conviction in our technology as being an innovative solution for energy efficient mining.”

Henning von Barsewish, CEO, Triogen

Our solution for:

Remote/ Off-grid mines

Triogen’s ORC is a perfect fit for industries reliant on diesel-powered generators especially where fuel is most expensive. The device is easy to transport due to the containerized design, runs without supervision and has remote online monitoring. Especially in remote areas the investment in the e-box will provide a payback time in less than 2 years!

1-5 MW Generators

Diesel gensets convert only 40% of the energy input to electricity. The rest is wasted. With Triogen’s e-box the otherwise unused exhaust gas can be converted into usable power, consequently reducing fuel consumption. The exhaust heat produced by the generators (with 1-5 MW) is at the ideal temperature for use of the e-box, maximizing savings on diesel.

Energy efficiency goals

Triogen’s ORC does not need any additional natural resources and enhances energy efficiency. In addition to reducing the energy bill, waste heat recovery lowers the entire operation’s GHG aligning the operation with the UN Sustainable Development Goals regarding energy efficiency.

Winner of the Mining Cleantech Challenge 2017

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The Triogen e-box

The Triogen e-box is a turnkey, exhaust-gas heat recovery solution for your generator. It is applied to your existing generator without any major interference.
The Triogen ORC technology is based on the widely known and proven Rankine Cycle principle.
This elevates your generator, which produces the same amount of electricity while saving fuel.

The Triogen ORC is CE marked, and is in compliance with:
• Lloyds’ Register
• The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
• The Machinery Directive (MD)
• The Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
• The Electromagnetic Compability directive (EMC)

About us

Triogen, a leading Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) supplier, has over the past 15 years successfully incorporated world class heat recovery technology into a reliable standardized product.
Our dedicated team of passionate engineers has developed best in class solutions for various heat recovery applications for the international market. In 2017 Triogen’s e-box was recognised by mining executives and investors at the Mining Cleantech Challenge in Colorado as an innovative product that impacts the bottom line as well as the licence to operate. With a single e-box up to 300,000 liters of diesel fuel annually (equivalent to an approximate 5-10% saving on a 1-5MW genset) while at the same time addressing the energy and environmental challenges of our planet and increasing sustainability.
Our vision is to make ORC technology a standard feature for every 1-5 MW generator, just like the turbo chargers success showed over the last 40 years.
Our ORC technology significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions, and thereby contributes to making the UN Sustainable Development goals a reality.

How to get there

  • Contact us and provide us your generator datasheets
  • Order the Triogen e-box
  • Easy shipment of the e-box in two 20ft containers
  • Installation in the most ideal location and start up service by Triogen
  • Start reducing costs, saving fuel and lower your operations GHG
  • All functions are remotely monitored and controlled by Triogen

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1.What is the lifespan of an e-box?

More than 15 years.

2.Will production be interrupted in any way?

No, installation will not interfere with production.

3.Is there a loss of electricity production over the lifespan of the e-box?

No loss of capacity observered.

4.Do you offer a customer satisfaction/performance guarantee?

Yes, including a buy back guarantee!

5.How is the e-box shipped?

In two 20ft shipping container.

6.Where is the e-Box set up?

Ideally next to the gensets. Exhaust gas is diverted via a new valve in the existing stack into the e-box (ORC) heat exchanger and subsequently discharged.

7.Does an ORC affect the warranties of the genset?

The Triogen ORC is designed to operate within the back pressure permitted by the genset supplier. Therefore all warranties stay intact.

8.What happens, if there is too much heat for a single ORC?

Multiple ORCs can be operated in parallel smoothly.

9.Can several gensets feed into one or more ORCs?

It is possible to combine several engines to multiple ORCs. This allows to maximize fuel savings, as not all gensets are running all of the time.

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