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INTRODUCING ORC technology for the Mining Industry

The Energy Saving and Cost Reducing e-box is a high temperature, high efficiency medium scale ORC, which converts waste heat from generators into electricity. Easy to install, easy to operate, safe and remotely monitored while reducing operational risk and generally guarantees a short-term ROI. It is the ideal solution for the (remote) Mining Industry.
Remote off-grid mines run their generators mainly on diesel fuel and the e-box offers the first serious step in using more environmentally friendly and energy efficient options. The e-box not only cuts back on the overall use of diesel (5-8%) and therefore the often massive energy bill, but it also increases the strategic fuel reserves locally kept at the Mining sites. This consequently leads to fewer fuel trucks on the road. Moreover, this relatively modest investment brings about a significant decrease in existing operational risks while simultaneously contributing to reaching a number of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals set to be achieved by 2030.
Triogen is a leading ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) supplier that has successfully incorporated world-class technology into a reliable standardized innovative product. With its mission to passionately develop and deploy innovative waste-heat recovery technology addressing the energy and environmental challenges of our planet while serving its customers, the company is a valued contributor to help sustain energy efficiency in the mining industry.
All around us, there is unused energy available from production processes and Triogen’s e-box creates an energy source that does not replace renewable solutions, but focuses on using existing resources more efficiently without creating additional carbon gasses.
In a time when the extractive industry has reached another level of reviewing/using green/renewable energy using residual heat from generator exhaust emissions and converting it into electricity is the alternative that offers a less intermittent solution and a very attractive ROI.

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