February 2018

Triogen will be back at this year’s “Investing in African Mining Indaba 2018” from February 5th to 8th in Cape Town, South Africa. After a successful introduction of the e-box at last year’s Indaba, the company reached a new milestone within the industry by winning the Mining Cleantech Challenge 2017 in Denver, Colorado.

The Mining Cleantech Challenge is a competitive showcase hosted by Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA) in partnership with minors such as Fresnillo, Newmont and Jolimont Global. During this competition companies get the opportunity to present innovative technologies that connect mining industry operators, OEMs, and clean technology solution providers in finding ways that impact the bottom line as well as the ‘social license to operate’ to operate.

Reducing energy cost and emissions is a key topic for the mining industry. In general diesel generators convert only 40% of the fuel energy into electricity. All the remaining energy is wasted by being exhausted into the air. Triogen’s Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology converts this unused heat into electricity by generating 170kW electric power when the hot exhaust gas passes through the ORC. By feeding this power into the grid on site, a single ORC saves the equivalent of 300,000 litres of fuel per year with a payback of approx. 2 years. This cost efficient solution also makes mine sites more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, and addresses the UN Sustainable Development goals.

Triogen’s CEO Henning von Barsewisch looks back on a very dynamic year:

“2017 has been a progressive year for us: winning the Colorado Mining Cleantech Challenge, securing a reference site as well as getting additional financial backing and trust from within the industry. This third party acknowledgement confirms our conviction in our technology as being an innovative solution for energy efficient mining.”

Triogen’s “e-box” is based on the experience of more than 1 million operating hours. Engineered to fit into two 20ft. shipping containers, the ‘plug in, save fuel’ solution is made to withstand the harshest conditions and is designed specifically for remote-site generators.